Rain Spider near Parklands North

A member of the Huntsman Spiders family, Rain Spiders are free-running, ground-living arachnids often found in built-up areas, trees, under bark, in rock crevices, and on vegetation.

Rain Spiders are harmless to humans and can be from 6-36 mm in size. They are easily recognizeable because of their size, the banded patterning on their legs, and the white “moustache” on their cephalothorax (head & thorax).

Their venom is not deadly to humans, and comparable to a beesting.

Juvenile Cape Cobra rescued near Parklands North

I was called by local security and law enforcement companies to capture & relocate this juvenile (baby) Cape Cobra from someone’s garage this morning.

Even though it was still young, it already had a couple of “battle scars” – most notably on its back and tail. I checked these before I released it, and they were clean and dry (likely older wounds), so he should be OK.