Latin Name: Ramphotyphlops braminus
English Name: Flowerpot Snake
Other Names: Blompotslang (Afrikaans)
Size: Average 16cm, Maximum 17cm
Activity: Active during the day and night

Flowerpot Snakes are South Africa's only introduced snake species (originally from Australasia). They're often transported in pot plants, hence the common name.

It's interesting to note that this is an all-female (parthenogenetic) species, in which unfertilized ova develop directly into new individuals - females are able to produce viable eggs without having to mate.

Flowerpot Snakes can be up to 17cm in length, and they prefer humic soil in and around cities.

They can be easily found under rocks and other forms of shelter within cities such as Durban and Cape Town, and they feed on termites, ants, and their larvae as well as other small invertebrates.

Oviparous, they lay 2-6 minute eggs (measuring just 6mm in length). The hatchlings are just over 4cm long - possibly the smallest snake in the world at that stage.

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