Family: Lamprophiidae
Latin Name: Psammophylax rhombeatus rhombeatus
English Name: Spotted Skaapsteker
Other Names: Gevlekte Skaapsteker (Afrikaans), Rhombic Skaapsteker (English), Spotted Grass Snake (English)
Red Data Status: Least Concern (SARCA 2014)
Size: Average 85cm, Maximum 1.4m
Activity: Diurnal (mainly active during the day)

Spotted Skaapstekers average 45 - 85cm in length and can be found inhabiting fynbos, grassland, and moist savannah throughout most of South Africa. They're mildly venomous, but pose no danger to humans.

Diurnal (active during the day), they actively hunt rodents, lizards, birds, frogs, and other snakes.

Oviparous, Spotted Skaapstekers lay 8-30 eggs in the summer.

Spotted Skaapsteker distribution map.

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