Family: Lamprophiidae
Latin Name: Lycodonomorphus inornatus
English Name: Common Brown Water Snake
Other Names: Bruinwaterslang (Afrikaans), Izilenzi (Xhosa), Ivuzamanzi elimdubu (Zulu)
Red Data Status: Least Concern (SARCA 2014)
Size: Average 60cm, Maximum 85cm
Activity: Diurnal (active during the day & night)

Nocturnal and aquatic, Brown Water Snakes can swim very well. They’re usually confined to damp localities near streams and rivers, and although mainly active at night may hunt along shaded streams during the day.

Brown Water Snakes feed on frogs, tadpoles, small fish and occasionally nestlings and rodents. Oviparous, they lay 6-23 eggs in mid-summer with young measuring 15-22cm.


Common Brown House Snake distribution map

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