A local armed response company called me to capture this subadult Mole Snake that had slithered under a slab of concrete near the beach.

The grip I have on the snake in this video isn’t ideal – it had wriggled around just before the video started – if this was a venomous snake, I would have held it differently. Please don’t ever pick up snakes, even if you think you’ve identified it!

Mole Snakes are found in a variety of habitats – even mountainous regions and deserts – but they’re particularly common in sandy scrub-covered and grassveld regions.

They spend most of their time underground, pushing their way through soft sand in search of moles and other rodents.

Juvenile (young) mole snakes have a variety of patterns and colors that they lose completely once they reach adulthood.

Viviparous, Mole Snakes give live birth to anywhere between 25-50 babies in late summer.

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