Local snake catcher Fanie Cilliers was called by some residents in Hollyhock Avenue, Ladysmith, after they saw a snake entering their home.

He was able to safely capture & relocate it within a couple of minutes.

KwaZulu-Natal Snake Catchers:

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About this Snake:

The Brown House Snake is a common animal found throughout all of South Africa.

The white V-shaped markings that run from the tip of their snout through their eyes are very distinctive and make them easy to identify.

Mainly nocturnal (active at night), Brown House Snakes actively hunt for rodents – this snake has the ability to consume an entire rodent family in a single session. Occasionally they eat small bats, birds, lizards, and frogs too.

Oviparous, they lay 8-18 eggs in the summer with young measuring 19-26 cm.

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