Since this is a question that we get a lot, I thought I’d do a comparison of the effectiveness of various “snake repellents” people try to use:

Snake Repellent Effect on Snakes
Diesel None
Garlic Plants None
Jeyes Fluid None
Malva Plants None
Moth Balls None
Motor Oil None
Petrol None
Sonic Gadgets None
Other None

Don’t be fooled by urban myths or sham products!

Unfortunately, there is no chemical, gadget, or plant that will repel snakes from your property. Controlled studies have shown this time and again, all over the world. The African Snakebite Institute has a very comprehensive post about this, here.

This fact doesn’t stop some people from still selling sprays, powders, gadgets, and other kinds of so-called “snake repellent“, though!

Any money you spend on products like this is money wasted. And if you’re pouring household chemicals onto the ground in the hope that it’ll keep snakes away, you’re doing nothing but polluting the Earth.

So what can you do about snakes on your property?

Snakes enter gardens and houses for one of these three reasons:

  • Food,
  • Water, or
  • Shelter

If you ensure that there are no food sources (such as frogs near ponds), no open water sources (such as fountains, ponds, and dog bowls), and no shelter (rubble, long grass, etc.) on your property, chances are you won’t see many snakes.

Don’t help unscrupulous business owners get rich off of your concern for your family! Rather, keep your property clean, be snake-aware and know what to do if you see a snake, always keep a snake catcher’s number handy, and if you live in a remote area with regular snake sightings, consider doing a snake handling course.