If you’d like to know whether snakes can see, and whether they can see in the dark, watch this video to find out!

It’s a common misconception that snakes are blind. Most snakes can see, and some snakes like the Boomslang can actually see really well.

Snakes have eyes, and those eyes have rods and cones, just like human eyes do. The cones help you see during the day, and the rods help you see at night. (In snakes, the rods are a little bit more developed than they are in humans, so snakes are often able to see better than us at night.)

Some snakes also have an additional feature called “heat pits” or “thermal pits“. These are little sensors around their mouths that they use to “see” infrared radiation – for example, body heat coming off of their prey.

You’ll see some examples of those in this video: Noodle, my pet Gray-Banded Kingsnake has no heat pits and can only see with his eyes, whereas a Ball Python has very noticeable heat pits and can see normal light with his eyes, as well as heat sources with those thermal pits.

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